New Year’s Resolution – FAIL

New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution – Fail

Every year, we essentially set ourselves up for failure. Our guilt from overindulgence during December makes us set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions without the tools needed to fulfil them.

With losing weight falling within the top 3 resolutions made by Irish people each year, come February are you one of the many who has already failed in your attempt to reach your dream weight?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone with your unsuccessful declarations, as 80% of New Year’s resolutions are said to fail by February.

So how can we break this ongoing weight-loss cycle FAIL? We just might have the answer…

Did you know that people who attend LighterLife Xpress meetings and/or one to one weekly sesssions with a LighterLife Mentor and comply with the Total plan lose 22% more weight than those that do not? That’s because you’ll have the right support that is needed to succeed on your weight-loss journey.

Your friendly Mentor will guide and teach you mindfulness techniques to help you get off of the weight-loss roundabout and achieve your goal weight.

Having the support of your LighterLife Mentor will also make things easier on your weight-loss journey. You’re able to discuss your experiences,  offer advice on Foodpack hacks and any challenges that you face PLUS you can also chat online in our private Facebook Group. The saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ really does apply to your LighterLife journey. Opening up about your struggles in the safe space of your Xpress meeting means you’ll always have someone there to help you when you need it, that might be learning how to navigate the buffet at a birthday party or refocusing your mindset after an unexpected life event.

It’s time to break the cycle and try something different in 2020. Find your nearest LighterLife Mentor and achieve your dream weight so you can start living your dream life with LighterLife.