Balanced weight loss plans to suit your lifestyle

Wherever you are in your weight loss journey, our plans will help you lose weight and achieve your goal. Whether you have a lot or a little to lose then there is a LighterLife plan for you.

Our most popular plan is the Total Plan where average weight loss is one stone a month – fast, safe weight loss with results that keep you motivated and inspired to keep going! On our premium plan,  your ordinary daily food is replaced with four LighterLife TDR Foodpacks. Depending on your choices, four Foodpacks will give you at least 50g protein, a minimum of 50g carbohydrates, around 17g fats, an average of 14g fibre, and 22 – 28 key vitamins and minerals every day.

Our New FlexiFasting Plan gives you the opportunity to lose weight  by combining our nutritious range of foodpacks and conventional food. You can chose to replace one, two or 3 meals a day or even follow the intermittent fasting plan with 2 days of 4 foodpacks a day twice a week and 5 days of healthy conventional food – the choice & flexibility is yours! 

If you are at your weight loss goal and hav bve moved into Management, then using foodpacks is a great way to do this – ensuring you get your nutrition whilst keeping a check on your calorie intake. Our unrivalled support includes our delicious Foodpacks, Management meals and snacks, and free Xpress Slimming Club meetings (subject to availability).

Lose weight fast with Total

Our fastest, most effective and best value plan.

Get flexible weight loss with FlexiFasting

FlexiFasting is as flexible as you want it to be.

Keep the weight off with Management

Versatile plans to help you maintain in the long term.


Support for more effective weight loss

LighterLife Xpress Slimming Clubs are launching across Ireland!  We want to give you the support you need so you can lose weight in a safe and supportive environment.  At LighterLife, we know that losing weight isn’t just about what you eat, but about your whole relationship with food.

Mindfulness in the free Xpress Slimming Club meetings offer you the chance to explore why you overeat, with the support and guidance of our Counsellors, Mentors and fellow LighterLife members.

If there isn’t an Xpress Slimming club near you, click here to find your nearest Centre. LighterLife Mentors and Counsellors offer one to one mentoring on a weekly basis in conjunction with your weekly private weigh in.



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