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If you have any questions about LighterLife you’ve come to the right place, it’s here you’ll find out more about the LighterLife programme.

We have answers to your most frequently asked questions, but if you need to know more please drop us a line using our contact form or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you. LighterLife is now available throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland customers.

We are now able to supply customers across the EU – Call our friendly support team for more information – 044 934 4868 or email info@lighterlife.ie


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Why should I try LighterLife?

LighterLife was developed by experts with many years’ experience of working with people with weight issues. Our approach has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women. Using proven techniques we’ll help you understand why you eat the way you do, giving you new ways to make better choices now and in the future. We understand this takes practice and support, and that’s why we focus on long-term weight management, healthy eating and active living to help you sustain and balance your weight loss.

What will I eat and drink?

What you’ll eat will depend on the LighterLife plan you decide to follow. Once you’ve chosen the plan that fits your lifestyle, you can choose the Foodpacks and products you need from our range to get started on the programme. When you receive your Foodpacks you’ll get advice on how to prepare them and exactly what you can eat and drink while on your chosen plan.

Can’t I do a normal diet?

Of course you could, we are constantly being told to eat less and move more, Have you tried to lose weight like that before? We help people who aren’t satisfied with their “normal” – who’ve had enough and are craving change. LighterLife empowers you to change your life and open up a world of possibilities. And you don’t have to do it alone, we’re here to help because we know it takes courage to choose to change. We also know you can do it.

Eating with my family?

Your family is probably the most important thing in your life. Family mealtimes are really special, and you don’t want to give them up. Here’s the good news, you won’t have to. You’ll still be able to sit down with the family at mealtimes, join in the chatter and have delicious food. For example, LighterLife porridge at breakfast, soup at lunchtime and a delicious dish such as spaghetti bolognaise in the evening.

I don’t think I can afford it

Have you thought about how much you spend on food just for you? You’d be surprised, in fact, you may be shocked. Oh, and don’t forget the little snacks and treats that aren’t part of the weekly shop. Or the drinks and takeaways. It all adds up. In fact, many people who lose weight with LighterLife find they actually save money because they are spending less on food. But in a way, that’s the wrong approach. Because LighterLife is more than just another figure in your household bills. It’s actually an investment in you.

Won’t I be hungry?

You’d think that you would be hungry but the body does a clever thing. When you are on the LighterLife programme your body raids the fat deposits, it knows there is something serious going on and that you’re not going to be getting the food you usually do. So, it simply stops you being hungry. That means you can stick to the programme more easily. And while this is going on, you’ll be working in your group on re-educating your body and brain about what you’ll be eating in the future. The new you is just around the corner.

Dieting, socialising & friends

They’re your friends, right, and just want you to be happy? So why would they do anything to stop you being happy? The truth is, if you took each of them to one side and explained how you felt about your body and what you want to achieve, they’d support you every step of the way. That’s not to say social occasions are always easy: when there’s pressure to have an extra drink or a meal you don’t really need. We’ll help you discover strategies to cope, so that you still have the fun without having to eat the food.

How do I join LighterLife?

Visit our Irish Website and register your details.

Type 2 diabetes

LighterLife may be suitable for you as long as your GP agrees to set up an appropriate management plan and monitor your medication regularly.

Eating disorders

If you have an eating disorder or have had one in the past, please discuss with your GP or psychiatrist whether LighterLife may be a suitable way for you to lose weight.

Can I exercise on LighterLife?

Yes, an active lifestyle is really important for your health. Simply choose something you enjoy and do it regularly, such as walking, swimming, going to the gym or an exercise class. If you’re already enjoying an active lifestyle and are quite fit, just take it steady at first. If you’re new to it, please speak to your GP, particularly if you have any medical conditions that could be affected by physical activity.

And did you know?

LighterLife Way abides by the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, as well as the guidelines for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, plus numerous other regulatory bodies.



Ordering Foodpacks

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

There is no minimum order, however an order with a value below €60 will incur a shipping charge of €6.45.  You can order as many foodpacks as you wish on one order.

How often can I order Foodpacks?

You can order Foodpacks as often as you wish via the online shop.

Where is my order?

Orders received before 12pm are dispatched same day via An Post Parcel Service & DPD for orders shipping to Northern Ireland. You will receive a text message the next day giving you a time of delivery. To keep up to date with your order, you will be sent an email/text on the day of delivery.

Can I amend or cancel my order?

Yes, simply call 044 934 4868 to amend you order.  If you wish to cancel your order after your order has been dispatched, then a standard returns fee of €15 will be charged to cover the shipping, packaging and admin costs involved.

Can I exchange my products once I’ve ordered?

It may be possible to exchange the products you’ve ordered. Please call our Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie

What do I do if I’ve ordered the wrong item?

Orders will ship at 12pm, so it is possible to amend your order the products you’ve ordered. Please call our Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie

What do I do if my order is wrong?

If you think your order is wrong please contact us as soon as possible with your order number and we will investigate further.

What do I do if I haven’t received my order?

Please call our Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie and we will investigate immediately.


How do I change my delivery address?

If you have already placed an order and wish to change the delivery address please call our Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the clients in both the  Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. We also ship to other EU countries, call our customer care team to discuss your requirements

How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery on orders over €60. For orders less than this, our standard delivery cost is €6.95.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

Our couriers DPD can deliver on a Saturday however this will incur a €28 charge. Please call our customer care team to arrange 044 934 4868

What delivery options are available?

Orders placed by 12pm Monday to Friday, will be processed the same day, so you should expect delivery next business day from placing your order.

What happens if I’m out when my order is delivered?

You will receive notification from our courier An Post/DPD in the morning your delivery to due with an estimated delivery time. If you know you will not be available to accept the delivery please follow the instructions in your text and reschedule directly with the courier.  If the courier arrives at the address and no one is available to accept your delivery, then they will usually call you on the number you provided when you placed the order. If they fail to speak to you, your parcel will be returned to the depot. An Post & DPD also now offer a wide range of alternative pick up points in your area,

Please note that our carrier cannot deliver on a bank holiday. Any orders placed on a bank holiday will be processed the following business day

Failure of goods to arrive

Any order that fails to arrive must be reported to Letting Go Ltd within 7 days of your order date. In the unlikely event that the courier has lost your order, any claim made on the couriers insurance after 7 days is inadmissible and no refund or replacement goods can be offered to you by Letting Go Ltd.



Returns of perishable items

We hope you will be happy with your purchase, and we take care to ensure the products are provided to you in good condition. However, should you feel it necessary to return an item, we aim to make the returns process as simple as possible.

How do I return an item which is faulty?

  • Return of damaged/faulty goods

In the case of perishable items, if the products received are damaged and you notify us within fourteen days of delivery, we will ask for them to be returned, and we will replace your damaged items. These terms will apply to any replaced products. Any delivery charges incurred will be refunded to you.

Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

  • Return for refund

We will consider any request to return product on a case by case basis, If the product is not damaged or faulty then there is no automatic right to return as LighterLife meal replacement products are food. In the event that a return for refund is agreed then a charge of 25% of the product value will be deducted from any refund. Any delivery charges will be met by you to return the product. On receipt of product, a refund will be issued – this may take 2-3 days to hit your bank account.

  • Return for exchange

If a request for return is based on an exchange of goods to the same value then an admin charge of €10 will apply plus the delivery charges incurred in dispatching the exchanged goods. Any costs involved in returning product for exchange will be met by you.

Please call our Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie



I have another question not answered here

Same answer as below

I just want to speak to someone!

If you have a question which isn’t answered above, or you just want to speak to someone, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 044 934 4868 between 9.30am & 5pm Monday to Friday and they will advise you. Alternatively, please email us: customercare@lighterlife.ie

Alternatively you can write to us at: LighterLife Ireland, Mason Hall, Church Avenue, Mullingar, Co Westmeath N91 CY92

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