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LighterLife plans are not just about losing weight

We know so many “ordinary” diets fail because they focus on food choices alone, and don’t tackle the reasons why we overeat. Most people’s food issues have little to do with being physically hungry, or having no will power. When eating becomes a way of coping with life’s challenges, and an ingrained habit it is very hard to change. At LighterLife We take a different approach that can help you break the yo-yo dieting cycle this time.

We take a whole wellbeing approach

We combine nutrition for noticeable, healthy weight loss with weekly groups and wider support to understand far more about your relationship with both you – and the food. We’ll help you choose the best plan for you depending on how quickly you want to lose weight, all leading to a personalised Management plan which will help you achieve a healthy and balanced way of eating for life.


An easy way to nourish yourself

Feel great knowing we have 25 yrs research behind our diet plans, nutritious Foodpacks and meal replacements, low carb, healthy recipes and fitness guides.


Become the person you want to be

Unlock your potential with weekly groups, join LighterLifers sharing their adventure in our members area and social.

Whatever your lifestyle, or wherever you live, it’s easy to follow a plan


LighterLife Centres

  • Local centres throughout Ireland
  • The support and guidance you need from a trained LighterLife Counsellor
  • Meet weekly with a small group of other LighterLifers in the centre
  • Full range of Foodpacks and products available from your Counsellor



  • Get the same amazing programme and plans wherever you are
  • Weekly group on the telephone with a trained LighterLife Counsellor
  • Support from a LL2U Mentor – phone, email, text, social – however you like!
  • Order everything you need online for delivery

Let us help you get started

Find the best plan for you.

LighterLife Centres

LighterLife Republic of Ireland has centres in Carlow, Drogheda,  Mullingar, Naas, Navan and Waterford.

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Find out more about our plans



  • Small weekly group – the key to keeping the weight off
  • 4 Foodpacks a day fuss free plan
  • 100% RDAs of vitamins and minerals in 600kcal

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  • Small weekly group – the key to keeping the weight off
  • A simple eating plan with 3-4 Foodpacks a day
  • Combine Foodpacks with a low calorie meal, or healthy ingredients

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  • 4 Foodpacks a day – 2 days a week
  • 100% RDAs of vitamins and minerals in just 600 kcal on your Fast days (you can’t do that with ordinary food!)
  • Small weekly group for our full mind and body approach

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  • When you’ve reached the weight you want to be this plan will help you stay that way with continued group support for as long as you need it
  • 13 different healthy eating plans with delicious meal options and recipes
  • Life skills, fitness guides and loads more!

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Man Plan

  • Small weekly men only group – the key to keeping the weight off
  • Choose from the Total, Lite, Fast or Management Foodpack plan
  • 25% -30% RDAs of vitamins and minerals in each Foodpack or meal replacement

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