January tips to get your Weight Loss started!

weight loss tips

Weight loss tips for January  – Whether you’ve set your New Years resolution to lose weight, recently signed up for LighterLife or have been maintaining your weight for a long time now; it’s always helpful to refresh your mind with some tips to help you stay motivated.weight loss

1) Visualise the end product – You’ve probably heard it said before to visualise your ideal self but it works – the theory goes if you do this enough, eventually, your behaviour aligns with the image in your mind! Think about how good you will look, feel and behave once you have achieved your goal.

2) Write down your weight loss goals – By writing down your goals you will create a better connection between your thinking self and doing self which will make the target seem more real. Write down things such as why you want to lose weight, what amount of weight you want to lose, when you want to lose the weight by and how you will lose the weight.

3) Find support – Find a weight loss buddy and tell them your goals! Find support through family, friends, your LighterLife group members and your Counsellor. Everyone needs encouragement and praise, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

4) Track your progress – If you’re attending your Lighterlife Centre each week your progress will be recorded in your record book. If you’re weighing in at home, keep your own log – seeing your progress keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going.

5) Find a picture of yourself that you love – You know that one picture where your figure is great and you look healthy and happy? Use it to motivate yourself to get back to that state, put it up somewhere you can see it – maybe on the fridge door or snack cupboard!

6) Take monthly pictures of yourself – Taking pictures of yourself can help you see the difference your hard work is making. What you are doing is working and every day you are getting closer to where you want to be! Your Counsellor will have taken your photos when you joined, review these and be inspired by your progress!https://lighterlife.ie/shop/