Spice up your LighterLife foodpacks

Spice up your foodpacks

There are lots of great things you can do to add a bit of variety to your LighterLife Foodpacks, without compromising their nutritional value…

On any of our LighterLife plans – Total, Lite or Fast – you can add salt, pepper, red Tabasco sauce and tablet sweetener. Plus, if you’re on Lite or Fast you can also have any other herbs or spices, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar and mustard.

We don’t advise cooking our Foodpacks unless it indicates you can on the packet, so why not try some of these ideas instead?

  • Add 12 crushed ice cubes to a sweet shake, then mix it in the food processor for five minutes to make a slushy ‘ice cream’ – but don’t freeze it!
  • For a flavour twist, stir a Drink Mix into a sweet shake or porridge, or a Savoury Broth sachet into a soup or savoury meal.
  • Add 1 tsp instant coffee granules to a vanilla shake to make a cappuccino-style drink, or to a chocolate shake to make a ‘mocha’.
  • Take a peppermint teabag and place in mug. Add some hot water and allow to cool. Now add to a chocolate shake end turn it into  mint chocolate – serve hot or cold
  • Mix half a strawberry shake and half a banana shake to make a fruit ‘smoothie’.
  • Turn a sweet shake into a mousse by adding 2 tsp (10g) Mousse Mix and 200ml of water. Mix with an electric whisk or hand blender for 90 seconds, then pour into a bowl and chill in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before eating.
  • To make a jelly, whisk 200ml (7fl oz) warm water with one teaspoon of any Drink Mix and 2 tsp (10g) of Mousse Mix, decant into one or two bowls and put in the fridge to set for five to ten minutes prior to eating.