Back to School Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips

Back to School Weight Loss Tips

That Autumn chill is in the air and sadly Summer is ending. This means it’s back to school time!. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student, the new season usually means life is about to get busier! 

Over the summer holidays there is a shift in schedule which can potentially derail your weight loss goals if you let it. Our back to School Weight Loss tips are here to help you get back on track on track.

  • Plan – Back to school usually means a more set routine. Pull out your calendar and determine when you have time for exercise, meal planning, and healthy meal preparation in between school runs and after school activities.  Schedule these activities in like like any other important appointment but avoid biting off more than you can chew.  This is also a good time to revisit your weekly shopping list – if you were at home with the kids over the summer, you may have been eating out more or just popping into the shops to pick up a few bits. Try to get into the routine of a weekly shop based on a list – now you need to include plenty of healthy options for the packed lunches as well as an evening family meal.
  • Don’t skip Breakfast – If time is tight in the mornings, your LighterLife food pack, healthy porridge or a boiled egg are quick and easy to prepare. Do your best to eat by 9:00 am, and no later than 10:00. No matter what your day looks like, busy and hungry are a dangerous combination for weight loss
  • Get creative – If your normal exercise time is conflicting with your child’s activity or sport, go for a walk while you are waiting for them.
  • Create a fit lifestyle! –  One of the reasons people are so much more active in the Summer is all of the fun outdoor activities that are available. That doesn’t have to end just because the weather isn’t so good. Like the beach or hiking? Bundle up and take a walk. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year!
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