LighterLife Trifle – simply delicious!

LighterLife trifle

Create your own LighterLife trifle and enjoy a delicious guilt- free dessert! We’re always looking for ways to be creative with our foodpacks and guess what? your friends and family with enjoy this as well!  You can use one larger bowl or make up smaller mini trifles using ramekins.

LighterLife trifleIt contains the equivalent of one Foodpack, which is around 150 calories and a quarter of your daily nutritional requirements. It also includes the LighterLife Raspberry Jelly, which is a firm favourite with all my clients –  fat free, sugar free, high in protein and contains 100% natural flavourings. It costs just €1.20 per sachet or box of 20 for €20,  and can be eaten along side your Foodpacks while on your journey.

1/2 pack LighterLife Raspberry Jelly
1/2 Strawberry Shake foodpack
5g LighterLife Mousse
15g Vanilla Shake foodpack

¼ bar LighterLife Crispy Peanut

• Make the jelly as per pack instructions and allow to set in the fridge. • Mix the Strawberry Foodpack with the 5g Mousse Mix and then add 100ml of cold water; mix well using an electric blender for 90 seconds. Then pour it over the jelly and place in the fridge.

• Twelve minutes later, blend the 15g of a Vanilla Foodpack with 50ml of very cold water (this will be quite thick in consistency) and spoon over the set Strawberry. Put it back in the fridge for two minutes.

• Chop the bar into small cubes and sprinkle over the Vanilla Foodpack. Alternatively, take a chocolate covered nut fudge, hazelnut or toffee foodpack bar and grate some of the chocolate over the top of your trifle.

Voila – a large guilt free trifle to share… or not. (Use double of each ingredient if you want to use two Foodpacks).

Top tip : try 1/2 pack of Banana Shake or our new Butterscotch Mousse instead of Vanilla