How to avoid weight gain over Christmas

Avoid weight gain over Christmas

Avoid weight gain over ChristmasWhether you celebrate or not Christmas is inescapable and whilst we all know this festive time is about far more than food, sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way. So how do you avoid weight gain in December? is it realistic to expect, dare I say it, weight loss over those two weeks!

The answer is to simply choose your attitude – if you said to yourself mid December that you will  “enjoy myself and I’ll start my diet in January” then the expected outcome will no doubt be weight gain.

Make a Plan – Avoid Weight Gain!

How about instead deciding to work on a plan for those two weeks? Draw a grid and populate your planner with nights out, family get togethers, Christmas day etc. I guarantee there are some days, evenings, mornings etc when you will have the opportunity to restrict your calories, reduce the carbs, eat a LighterLife foodpack and be mindful.  I work with clients who have a plan and they either maintain or lose weight over Christmas -fail to plan, plan to fail. Get a pen and paper out now and make your plan.