How to have a sweet Valentine’s day without sabotaging your diet

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Valentine’s Day on Plan

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day. The holiday of love! On 14th February we celebrate the love we share with our most precious companions – our husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends.

Over the years Valentine’s Day has become a day not only for celebrating love, but for exchanging extravagant and lavish gifts whilst overindulging in rich and calorific feasts. But for those of us following a VLCD, Valentine’s Day should not be an excuse to go off plan. The focus should instead be on love and loving one’s self, as opposed to overindulgence and lack of self-control.

Chocolate is on the menu!

You don’t have to go without your chocolate fix this Valentine’s Day. We have many Chocolate Foodpack options for you to choose from in the range. These include our Chocolate Mug CakeChocolate Raisin BarChocolate Peanut BarNut Fudge Bar, Toffee Bar and Salted Caramel Bar.

For something extra special why not try one of our Foodpack Hacks this Valentine’s Day? You can enjoy your Chocolate Mug Cake with a side order of Vanilla ice-cream made up from half a Vanilla Foodpack and crushed ice.  Alternatively, you could enjoy a chocolate orange mousse made by adding Sunrise Orange Drinks Mix to your Chocolate Shake, or you could even try a Chocolate Mug Cake with hot salted caramel sauce by melting half a Salted Caramel Bar in a pan, then pouring the sauce over the Mug Cake – delicious!

Alternative Valentine’s Gifts

Instead of giving or receiving large boxes of chocolates, bottles of champagne or any other sweet treat that will take you out of ketosis, why not drop some hints to your other half for one of the following gifts (or multiple gifts if you’re lucky)

  • Spa day experience for couples – breath, relax and unwind together.
  • Gift card  for LighterLife products or for your favourite clothes store – enjoy spending online when you drop that dress size.
  • Jewellery– diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all.
  • Roses– one dozen roses never smelt so sweet.
  • Perfume– your favourite scent wrapped up with a bow.

We all enjoy lavish gifts at Valentine’s, but the most important thing is – spending time with our loved ones! This year lets pledge to enjoy some real quality time together, remembering to show our love for each other every day (not just on Valentine’s) and especially to love yourself.