What is the LighterLife Management Plan?

LighterLife Ireland Management

If you’d just passed your driving test, would you immediately enter a Formula One race? Hopefully, you’re shaking your head, saying no, of course not! And it’s the same when you lose weight. It’s a fantastic achievement to celebrate, well done. Now you need to practise the skills and develop the habits for long-term healthy living. That’s where the LighterLife Management plan comes in.

Why is our LighterLife Management Plan so important?

Falling off the wagon, relapsing, recidivism. Whatever you want to call it, we’re talking about old unhealthy habits resurfacing. Why is it that historically too many people allow those old habits that led to weight gain in the first place?

If only living off a Calorie-restricted regime, or just losing weight, was a cure for obesity, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Simply being overweight is too often seen as the problem, and losing weight means you’ve lost the problem.

Whilst being experts at gaining and losing weight, the skill of weight stabilisation evades most of us.

People have said diets don’t work but that’s not the case. Really though, it’s what comes after that weight loss that’s so important. Our research and experience show that those who work with our Management plan are the most successful at keeping the weight off for good.

Life after TotalFast

“Being on TotalFast was straightforward. I’m frightened of returning to ordinary food.” 

You’re right to realise that this next step in creating your new, lighter life can be a challenge… And it’s something you might recognise from all the previous times when you lost weight. But this time, the structure and community are there to support you.

Don’t deny your power.

Everyday during TotalFast you were confronted with situations where YOU chose what to eat. YOU were taking care of you, and YOU can continue to do just that.

The first year following weight loss is a roller coaster, a mix of feeling marvellous, and fragile. The compliments stop, even turning into criticism when just a few pounds are gained, and a fragile new existence begins to shatter.

This is a new state of being, where you’re a novice weight manager who needs to hone and practise a new way of living. And manage the so-called comfort that food gave you in the past.

There are consequences to losing weight way beyond just body size. Right from the start, LighterLife group work begins to fill the void, focusing on ways to manage those changes.

And that’s what the LighterLife Management plan is all about. Your Mentor is there to guide you, and help you continue developing the skills you’re going to need for living and loving your new life.

Because keeping the weight off is as much about managing life as managing the scales.

And in case you’re wondering, we chose to call our long-term weight maintenance plan “LighterLife Management” as it’s more about the bigger focus of managing life.

Sustainable Weight Loss not Yo-Yo Dieting

Few of us stay at exactly the same weight year after year, we’re either gaining, losing, or managing the ups and downs effectively – which is the ultimate aim.

The LighterLife Management Plan is unique. It starts with an initial 6-week phase.

  • Between weeks 1-3 you’ll reintroduce “baseline” foods designed to work with your body rather than battling it, to help you manage cravings.
  • During weeks 4-6 you’ll experiment with so-called “trigger” foods that contain carbs, sugars and fats. At the same time, the CBT Mindfulness group work continues free of charge.
  • This 6-week phase is then followed by strategies to help you continue to build your personalised long-term plans and help you live your healthier life.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it, look at what some of our clients say about living life after TotalFast…

LigherLife Ireland Management

“I lost 9st and have successfully maintained my weight loss since 2017.Following the TotalFast plan was straightforward, making it easy to plan my meals. The weekly mindfulness sessions with my Mentor, Claire, have proven incredibly valuable, offering profound insights into the underlying reasons behind my food-related behaviours. Seven years later, the victory remains as sweet as ever. It’s about more than just numbers on a scale; it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.”


“I lost 4st 9lb and have been maintaining that loss since 2018.Without LighterLife’s unique approach, I would never have been able to set myself free from my repeating pattern.The emphasis on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the provision of tools to navigate life   weight loss through the ongoing Management plan immediately appealed to me. The constant support from my Mentor, Hazel, has been amazing.What truly resonated with me is the understanding that in the long-term you can’t simply eliminate food from your life; instead, you must redefine your relationship with it to sustain your weight. Six years down the road, I’ve successfully done just that, and it’s an empowering and liberating feeling.”

“I lost 7st 7lb and I’ve been maintaining my new mindset and new me since 2018! Losing weight was just the beginning for me; I knew the real challenge lay in managing my new weight for the longhaul.However, with the weekly sessions guided by my Mentor, Mandy, and the invaluable Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) techniques I acquired, I am equipped and confident to make those lasting changes. It’s been six years now, and I can proudly say I’m still maintaining my weight, a testament to the power of ongoing support and the Management plan.”

Remember, you alone can do this, but with us you’re not alone