New Year Weight Loss Goals

new year weight loss

The New Year’s Eve celebrations are now over so now is the time to think about your New Year Weight Loss  goals for 2017.

new year weight loss

New year 2017

The evidence of those Christmas over- indulgences may still be present and whilst the 1st January is a time to make a start on those New Year Resolutions, maintaining them over January, or even getting past the first week, can be notoriously difficult.

So don’t give up too soon, let LighterLife keep your enthusiasm and drive up and follow our five steps to keep you motivated this New Year.

New Year weight loss goals – 5 Steps to keep you motivated

New year, new you

Acknowledge the challenges you have faced in 2016 and then draw a line under them. The key to success in 2017 is to embrace new beginnings and leave the past behind – along with those unhelpful habits and negative feelings. You can’t change the past but you can decide your future!

Focus on the great

We can sometimes feel a little deflated as the festive season comes to an end – all those family get togethers, parties, celebrations (loads of food & drink) and the thoughts of returning to work can leave some feeling down. Instead,  think about all the things you already have planned in 2017 – maybe a family wedding, holiday etc. The days are getting longer for a start!

Write a list of the amazing things you’ve achieved in 2016 – and then make a list of what you want to want to do in 2017. This will help keep you focused on the good things. How do your weight loss goals fit in?

Be realistic

Be realistic about your goals and don’t set too many! Too many goals can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed about what’s ahead and you’ll find it difficult to achieve any of them. Focus on one or two aspects that are important to you, and the best way of getting there. Even think about one short term, medium term and long term goal for the year.

Variety is the spice of life

Don’t forget to make your goals fun! whilst weight loss might be at the front of your mind, what about goals that about self development? is there an evening class you’ve always wanted to attend? how about learning a new language? What about a cookery class? have you ever fancied learning to Salsa? Find a friend with similar goals and do it togehter.

Get inspired
Think about exactly which activities and behaviours really inspire you to pick yourself up and move forward. For some, engaging in social media sites to share success stories and photographs may leave them feeling great. Others may find fresh air or a quick walk around the block is enough to stop negative feelings setting in. Learn what makes you happy, and find time to do it every day.

2017 is the beginning of a new chapter, and a new chance to get things right for yourself.