How to take Awesome Before & After Weight Loss Photos

weight loss photo


At the beginning of your weight-loss journey it’s so important you take a few good photos of yourself.

WHY? Let us explain…

You might not want to take some photos or even look at the photos once they’ve been taken, but when you start your journey and the weight starts to come off, you’ll be so pleased you took them. You can use them as a tool to motivate yourself or to refer to every now and again and see how far you’ve come. We would recommend you wear clothing that shows your bumpy bits, as this could be the last time you’ll see them!

As they say a picture can speak a thousand words and that’s powerful stuff!

Here’s a guide to capture a good progress photo:

Tip 1) Find a plain background with good lighting.

Tip 2) Wear clothing that shows off your figure – not too loose.

Tip 3) Take full length body shots.

Tip 4) Take body shots facing forward, and to the side.

Tip 5) Try and take the photo with the camera at waist height – professional photographers kneel to take photos.

Tip 6) Take the photos from the same distance away each time.

Tip 7) Look down the lens of the camera – that’s what film stars do!

Tip 8) Repeat your progress shot every week or bi-weekly, at the same time and in the same position.


Before and after


What will I need?

You might find it easier to ask a family member or friend to take the photos of you each week. These photos can be taken using your phone, you don’t need a high-tech camera, unless of course you have one…it’s simple and you’ll be so pleased you took them.

Its easy to get discourages on your weight-loss journey. Some weeks the scales might show that your weight loss has slowed, and this is when your progress photos will really keep you motivated. When you arrange your progress photos side by side your weight-loss journey will become alive as you physically see your body shape change. You can even share your progress shots with fellow LighterLifers and tag us in on social using the hash tag #LighterLifeChallenge. 

Go on – what have you got to lose!