Yvonnes story

Yvonne Taylor


  • Weight lost: 5 st*
  • Weight loss plan: Totally Different (LL2U)
  • Followed the LighterLife Management plan

Yvonne Taylor – ‘I feel more alive than ever before’

Yvonne followed the LighterLife Totally Different plan and lost 5st* with LighterLife 2U and is now a slim healthy size 12.

With a milestone birthday just around the corner, and 20 years of yoyo dieting under her belt, Yvonne knew that to ensure her 60’s was going to be a happy and healthy decade she needed to revaluate the choices she was making.

‘As soon as I hit my forties I noticed the weight started to creep up. It wasn’t until my two energetic grandchildren came along that the strains of carrying the extra weight became impossible to ignore.’

Yvonne now has more confidence and energy than ever before.

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