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Katrina Tansley

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Weight Loss Mullingar. In 2010 I had 3 children under 2 and working full time. The baby weight just wasn’t shifting, in fact I was gaining weight with the stress & pressure of juggling home, children & job.

I needed a plan that was simple to follow, with no complicated diet sheets or recipies to prepare. I needed someone to tell me what to eat and when. With LighterLife I started eating regularly, getting my full nutrition from the foodpacks.  The range of foodpacks was wide and varied, sweet or savory there was something different to chose from. It was far from the “shake diets” that I had tried before. I found the bars particularly handy when I was out and about. The FastPots were quick and easy to prepare, all I needed was hot water.

I lost weight every week! It was the first time in my life I had managed to stick to a “diet” for more than a fortnight! I was dropping a dress size every month, it was so motivating.

4 months later I was 4 stone lighter, I even went on to lose a further half a stone over Christmas! It was the first weight loss plan that helped me to understand my relationship  & behaviour around food and what drove me to overeat.

I was so inspired by LighterLife that in 2013, I opened a weight loss Mullingar clinic in my home town. I wanted to  help others lead a healthier lighter life and all the benefits that come with that.

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