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If you are 3 stone or more overweight our Totally Different plan is for you.

It takes at least 12 weeks to change your eating habits, and this plan is specifically designed to develop the tools you need to make long term changes.  In our ‘Totally Different’ group you will have up to eleven other people all doing the same plan together with the same weight loss goals (we don’t mix men and women).  With support from your LighterLife Counsellor and group for as long as you need, you can develop the tools (using techniques like CBT) to understand your relationship with food, learn new skills like mindful eating, and change your life!

You replace conventional food with 4 of our tasty, and more importantly, nutritious Foodpacks a day. That means you’ll be getting all the nutrition you need on a daily basis. There is no weighing, no shopping, no counting – it is so straightforward.

  • Initial 12 week group subscription (with ongoing subscription for as long as you need)
  • 100% of your RDA’s of vitamins and minerals in around 600 kcal a day
  • You’ll need 28 Foodpacks a week (more details of what you eat are in your starter pack and the members area)
  • LighterLife Counselling CBT content unique to the Totally Different plan (part of group subscription)
  • Access to online support tools and community, mentoring emails and tips by text
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On this Plan

  • Weekly group cost – €15 per week
  • 4 Foodpacks per day – from €2.45 each
  • Unlimited optional extras – from 99c each
  • Start-up pack – €15 joining offer!**

**normally €20


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Yvonne’s Story

With a milestone birthday just around the corner, and 20 years of yoyo dieting under her belt, Yvonne knew that to ensure her 60’s was going to be a happy and healthy decade she needed to revaluate the choices she was making.

Yvonne lost 5st* with LL2U and has been maintaining for 3 months. Read more

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New Recipe – 154 calories per bar. Our deliciously soft and squidgy Toffee flavour bar is bursting with butterscotch…

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Vegetable Soup

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An Italian classic, our Spaghetti Bolognese has a rich sauce packed full of flavour…

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So what have you got to lose - apart from the weight, the health worries, the fear things are never going to change, or the feeling you don't fit in, or that nothing fits, or what? Forget what's holding you back, just take the first step, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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