Skinny jeans are my new staples

Like many people, COVID meant a change in my work. As a teacher, I was used to running around after the kids at school, but switching to online learning during lockdown meant I picked up some bad eating habits and gained a lot of weight.

I wanted to lose weight because I felt awful about myself. I found it really tricky to look in the mirror and the additional weight was damaging my marriage. Attending a hen party and having my before photo shared on my work group chat was the last straw. I literally sobbed seeing myself and was determined to make a change.

What I liked about LighterLife

I tried so many other diets, and healthy eating. Weight would come off at first but once I hit a plateau I gave up, and then ended up gaining more weight than I’d lost.

I’d fallen out of love with any kind of food, except junk food, and had got into a habit of eating nothing throughout the day and then consuming a whole pizza, crisps, chocolate, and a few drinks. Or I’d hide the fact that I’d already eaten from my partner and then eat a second dinner with him.

Then I came across LighterLife on Social Media. Reading through all the client success stories and their tips really helped to motivate me before I signed up.

Starting TotalFast

For the first 4 days I wasn’t hungry, although I did feel a little more tired than usual. On day 5, I was very grumpy but managed to walk it off and got through the day. On day 6, I felt amazing, I had so much energy, and when I saw the numbers on the scale on day 7, I was determined to stick with the diet.

What I loved about TotalFast is that it gave me a break from thinking about food. I had my four packs and they were enough to provide all the daily nutrients I needed to keep me healthy.

Admittedly, some days were harder than others, but I was able to consider why, and to identify the stress that made me want to eat when I wasn’t actually physically hungry. Drinking water flavoured with some of the gorgeous LighterLife sachet also made the cravings go away.

Mentor support and CBT Mindfulness

Having a Mentor and learning about my relationship with food – and what caused me to overeat in the first place – made a real difference. Julie answered all my questions and supported me to achieve my weight loss goals. She (gently) challenged my unhelpful thoughts during the weekly CBT Mindfulness sessions, and shared her tips and tricks for success.

The LighterLife Facebook Groups were also amazingly supportive, especially as my friends and family didn’t approve of what I was doing at first. Although they did change their minds once they could see the positive difference the programme was having on my general wellbeing as well as on my weight.

My new lighter life

I lost 3st 5lbs in 12 weeks. After beginning my first week on TotalFast on 21 March and completing my 12th week on 12 June, I’m now starting the 6-week Maintenance programme.

Skinny jeans are my new staples and I can just grab something to wear and go – no more having to try on 6 different outfits before I feel comfortable enough to leave the house! I love going swimming with my daughter and not feeling self-conscious in my costume, and I’m not getting heat rash on my legs from walking either.

Best of all, my relationship with my partner has improved because I feel more confident in my skin, and my energy levels are back to normal so I’m more interested in going out again.

What have I learnt?

  • Eat only when you’re hungry.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • You are in control of your behaviour.
  • Unhelpful thoughts should be reframed.

What would I say to someone thinking of joining LighterLife and staying on plan?

Do it! LighterLife works! Trust the process, commit to following the plan, and enjoy the results.


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