Proud of their achievements: The Thomas family lost over 20 stone together

Family weight loss

Gill went from a size 34 to a size 14 in less than a year!

After years of unsuccessful yo-yo dieting, Gill knew she had to do something different. The whole family had fallen into a cycle of unhealthy eating habits that needed to change. Gill recalls “I was struggling to walk, and my mental health was at an all-time low.”

lighterlife weight loss gill

Gill had seen a friend who had reached her goal weight on the TotalFast plan, so she headed straight over to the LighterLife website to find her Mentor Patricia and discover more about the programme.  After signing up and starting her journey, the weight quickly started to fall off and Gill began to feel great.

Inspired by Gill, husband Julian and daughter Katrina quickly followed, signing up to the TotalFast plan and starting their own weight-loss journeys.

Katrina lost 5st 11lb in 5 months

LighterLife weight loss Katrina

Daughter Katrina now thoroughly enjoys going clothes shopping and is wearing things she wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing before achieving her goal-weight. “I must give a huge thanks to my parents. My mum started LighterLife first and when I saw the difference it made for her, I wanted some of that too! TotalFast is such an easy simple to follow plan, no calorie-counting, and no weighing out portions. The weight-loss was so fast and along with the amazing support from my Mentor, on our weekly Mindfulness sessions via Zoom, I’ve completely changed the way I think about food.

Julian lost 4st 7lbs in 4 months

LighterLife weight loss Julian

Witnessing the positive effect LighterLife’s CBT Mindfulness sessions had on his wife Gill, Julian was keen to discover more. “The CBT Mindfulness techniques we used in the Zoom groups helped me become more aware of my trigger foods (my triggers are biscuits!) and trigger situations. I was able to realise that I snacked too much and ate the wrong things. I’ve learned how to eat more mindfully and manage my eating more effectively. I’m now able to cross my legs and put on socks without huffing and puffing.”