LighterLife Ketostix


Check you are burning fat and in ketosis – quick and easy to use – box contains 50 testing strips.


Ketostix – the quick and easy way to check  for ketones

The LighterLife ketone test strips are a quick way of doing a ketone test. This will tell you if you are in ketosis.  You just pee on the stick and check the colour shift. If there is any change in colour it means that ketones are present in your urine. Restricting carbs to switch the body into ketosis, sometimes referred to as fat burning mode, is an increasingly popular way of losing weight.

When you restrict your daily carbohydrate consumption this causes the body to switch from burning carbs for energy into a state called ketosis. Your body will go into ketosis around day 3 of doing the LighterLife Total  programme.

Total Weight Loss Plan and ketostix

On the LighterLife Total plan the body switches from using carbs from food and starts using up its stored fat instead. It’s like having a choice of energy from fresh food, food in the fridge or food in the freezer. The body uses carbohydrates (glucose) from recently digested food for its immediate energy needs. When this is gone, the body uses glycogen, a carbohydrate store in the liver and muscles. And when that is depleted, energy is taken from its freezer by breaking down stored body fat.

A huge plus-point of being in ketosis is a lack of hunger, caused by the effects ketone bodies have on the hormones that regulate appetite. Many people feel that they have an increased amount of energy. Some people describe being in ketosis as feeling “euphoric”!

An unpleasant side effect of ketosis can be bad breath. You can order a bottle of CB12 & a box of ketostix for only €19.95 (RRP €24.95)


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