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Prepare for success with this comprehensive guide to your Total plan, from how to mix your Foodpacks to healthy lifestyle ideas.


Your NEW! Ladies LighterLife Total & Lite journey book plan is your comprehensive guide to all things LighterLife!

104 pages packed with all the essential information to get you started including :

  • How LighterLife Total works
  • How to use your foodpacks
  • Obesity facts
  • Ketosis explained
  • Health FAQ
  • What to expect in your first week and beyond
  • What happens at LighterLife groups
  • You LighterLife toolkit for effective living
  • Practical strategies for weight management that lasts

On your LighterLife journey you’ll be losing weight and discovering this is far more than a “diet”. It’s a whole new way of living. We’ll help you understand what’s going on in your head so you can change your mindset, your relationship with food and yourself – in fact, change your life!

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