Ketostix & CB12 Bundle


NEW! Ketostix & CB12 White mouth wash bundle. Get the benefits of ketosis & avoid the bad breath with 12 hours of CB12 fresh breath! Enjoy great savings buying the two together!


New! Ketostix CB12 bundle! Enjoy all the benefits of fast, safe weight loss whilst in ketosis without the bad breath!

The LighterLife ketone test strips ( 50 strips) are a quick way of doing a ketone test to check you are burning fat.  Simple to use – just pee on the stick Restricting carbs to switch the body into ketosis – its ‘fat-burning’ mode – is an increasingly popular way of losing weight.

On LighterLife Total, the body switches from using carbs from food as its preferred source of energy to using up its stored fat instead. In a nutshell, it’s like having a choice of energy from fresh food, food in the fridge or food in the freezer. The body uses carbohydrates (glucose) from recently digested food for its immediate energy needs. When this is gone, the body raids the ‘fridge’ – that’s glycogen, a carbohydrate store in the liver and muscles. After that is depleted, energy is taken from its ‘freezer’ by breaking down stored body fat.

Another huge plus-point of being in ketosis is a lack of hunger, caused by the effects ketone bodies have on the hormones that regulate appetite. One of the unfortunate side effects of ketosis is bad breath!

Fresh Breath CB12 White oral care provides pleasant breath for 12 hours while in ketosis.

Also helps whiten teeth in 2 weeks by removing stains and discolouration. 250ml. Food and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries and many other foods and beverages contain pigmented compounds that can discolour and stain teeth. CB12 White effectively helps to dissolve discolorations and tooth stains for whiter teeth and also protects against new stains when used on a twice daily basis.

You can also purchase Ketostix in single box units – click here

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