Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot – BB Jul 2023


SOLD OUT – Please note Best Before Date of Jul 2023!

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Owing to a shipping error from our supplier, we have received stock with a Best Before Date of Jul 2023.

Best Before dates indicate that taste, texture and nutritional values may be affected beyond this date. Please be aware of this before ordering as returns will not be accepted.

The Thai Noodle Fastpot can be now be used for all plans -Total, FlexiFasting and for clients in Management.

The LighterLife Fragrant Thai Noodle FastPot is deliciously aromatic, with a gentle spicy flavour.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, the gently spiced Thai noodle pot tastes really good and has 1/3 of your daily nutrition in around 200 calories.  You’ll love how this convenient low calorie meal tastes so great, and is so good for you!

Just add boiling water, stir, leave for a few minutes and then eat.  It’s such an easy way to make sure you’re having a healthy meal. You’ll want to make sure you have a few stashed away at home, work – wherever you go! Many clients are finding these particularly handy and convenient to take to work for lunch, all you need is a kettle.

If Thai Noodles aren’t for you, you can also choose our Creamy Chicken Noodle FastPot option.

Suitable for vegetarians