Now I have an entire dressing room to house all my clothes!

Ann lost 3 stone LighterLife Ireland

After an accident at work I was struggling with pain in my knee, and I was also at my heaviest. With a big family holiday abroad coming up, I wanted to feel better about myself and to be able to go swimming with my grandkids.

I was 14 years old when I started my first diet and had yo-yo dieted ever since. Having had 6 children, I found I was heavier with each pregnancy. Calorie counting, free food diets, fasting, even fat catching pills from the chemist, I’d tried them all but I couldn’t keep the weight off.

Why I chose LighterLife

Having originally joined LighterLife back in 2012 (in the era of face-to-face meetings) and lost just over 3 stone, I knew it offered me the chance to take away all conventional food and replace it with 4 Foodpacks a day.

Following the plan

After my first week back on TotalFast I was disappointed I’d only had a 4 lb loss but the group support was very encouraging and I continued to lose either 3 or 4 lb every week after that.

I did struggle with not picking at the kids’ food (which I’d always done before) but, because I was paying for my Foodpacks, I knew I had to give the TotalFast plan a proper go, otherwise I’d just be wasting my money. But I don’t think I was hungry, I was just used to snacking when I was bored.

I absolutely love the Porridge sachets! When I’m using Foodpacks it’s my top breakfast choice and, if I’m cold, my lunch too.

Being a midwife and working mostly night shifts, I’d often save my last Foodpack for my shift because they were great for on the go.

I started my new LighterLife journey in Summer 2023, lost 3 stone in 3 months, and have been maintaining that weight loss ever since – and I feel incredible!

Ann before and after LighterLife

Mentoring and Mindfulness

My Mentor helped me look again at why I ate when I did, and re-identify my triggers. I snacked while I cooked and I didn’t like throwing out leftover food, so I’d eat it. And I’d eat if I was bored, tired, sad, or if I’d had a drink.

So, it was good to look at ways to change that cycle and do something to occupy my time. Also, to do something for myself as a reward that didn’t involve food.

Back in 2012 there were no Facebook groups, it was all in person, but we had each other’s numbers and would regularly text each other if we were struggling. Now, the Facebook communities are great for that support, and I can contact my Mentor as well if I need to.

How do I feel now?

Since losing weight I love my foreign holidays in the sun, I enjoy swimming, and I’m happy in my bikini and my own skin around the pool. In fact, I wore my very first bikini when I was 40!

I love getting dressed up and looking good and feeling confident to hold my head up and stand out. My wardrobe used to consist of whatever I could find that fitted, usually something black and baggy. Now I like pink and red sparkly dresses and jumpsuits and I have an entire dressing room to house all my clothes! Previously my work dress uniform was a size 22 – but now it’s a 14.

What have I learned?

I’ve learned to observe my triggers and to plan ahead. The support and learning I received was key and I use those skills to forward plan for events and work. So, when you’re on Foodpacks, choose one you can take on the go. For example, a Shake or a Soup sachet, so you can buy a bottle of water or ask for a mug of hot water along with your cup of black tea in Costa and then make up your Foodpack!

What I’d say to anyone thinking about starting LighterLife

Tell your close family what you’re doing, and ask for their support. Once they see it working they’ll understand your choices. And do seek support from your fellow LighterLifers as well, we’re all here for you.