Christmas choices: How will you avoid gaining weight this festive season?

Christmas LighterLife 2 Step


LighterLife 2 step

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it’s time for you to make a conscious decision about what will happen to your weight. Let’s discover the three choices you have to act on:

The Christmas Choice is yours! 

1) You can continue with your current LighterLife TotalFast Plan and lose up to a stone before January.

2) You can eat for England and assume you will lose all that extra weight again as part of yet another weight loss New Year’s Resolution.

3) You can sign up to the LighterLife 2 Step plan for December and book in with a Mentor for January. 

December is usually a social time of year, and Christmas 2022 is sure to be different from last year.  With a lockdown free Christmas on the cards, we are now able to socialise, which is an exciting time for many, and will help us get into the Christmas spirit.

You may find yourself surrounded with family and friends at festive gatherings, however this may also increase temptations as you find yourself also surrounded with all those deliciously tempting Christmas foods such as mince pies, pigs in blankets and boxes of chocolates.

Finding the right balance for December

The LighterLife 2 Step Plan is designed for you to eat on those specific occasions, and to fast with Foodpacks on other days. You have the freedom to decide which days will be ‘Fast with Foodpack’ days, and which days will be ‘normal eating’ days. And the best thing of all is that YOU get to decide which day you start back on your weight loss journey after Christmas. The power is in your hands!

It means you can eat with family, friends and colleagues on the run up to the end of the year knowing that it’s part of a plan, rather than feeling out of control about your choices and your weight. And because you know the day or date you will return to your weight loss journey, the decision is easier. Relax and enjoy this time of year, knowing you are in control.

Here is our example of what your 2 Step calendar might look like for December….

2 step diary

Give yourself the best gift this year – eat, drink, and be merry without the January hangover. Sign up to our 2 Step plan today.