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Carol Kenny

Clonard House, Market Square, Navan, County Meath

086 169 4256

Weight Loss Navan clinic now open!

I first started working for the LighterLife Weight Loss Navan centre in 2015 and trained as a Locum Mentor.  I loved supporting clients on their weight loss journeys and saw first hand how LighterLife changed the lives of both men and women from all walks of life.

When the opportunity came up to take over the weight loss Navan centre I jumped at the chance! I was nervous but also excited about the prospect of helping more clients lose weight and lead healthier, lighter lives.

As a busy mum of three, I have always tried to be mindful about what I eat and understand why I might reach for another biscuit, when I don’t actually need one! I find the LighterLife products fantastic for helping me maintain a healthy weight, while getting all the nutrition I need from the meals. I offer a wide range of products over 30 options in total. Whether you like sweet or savoury foods, there will be products in the range that you will like and enjoy.

That’s what LighterLife is about – welcoming a change in the way we think about and act around food, and feeling and seeing the benefits that come with change.

What I offer

I offer weekly one to one weigh in’s and support from my dedicated premises in Navan town Centre.

I can also offer telephone & virtual group support during the current lockdown and I can arrange for your food products to be delivered to your door, I offer free delivery via courier on all orders over €80– you can still follow the plan, get the support you need and lose weight without having to leave your home.

Whether you have a little or a lot to lose LighterLife will have a plan for you – call me today and book a free, no obligation consultation.