School Weight loss

Back to School Weight Loss Tips

Back to School Weight Loss Tips That Autumn chill is in the air and sadly Summer is ending. This means it’s back to school time!. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student, the new season usually means life is about to get busier!  A shift in schedule can potentially derail your weight loss goals if Read more…

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ITV’s Fast Fix: Diabetes

Like millions of other people, we at Team LighterLife have been watching Fast Fix: Diabetes on ITV last week – a two-part “infotainment” show investigating if five people with type 2 diabetes could “reverse” the condition with an 800 kcal “ultra-low-calorie radical liquid diet”. What we saw was not unexpected for a total dietary replacement plan: the Read more…

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Light Bites

Light Bites Popped Chips have arrived!

We are excited to announce four new additions to our Extras range, say hello to LighterLife Light Bites Popped Chips. These delicious Popped Chips are high in protein and fibre, low in saturated fat, and absolutely full of crunch and authentic, zingy flavour – and at under 100 kcal, they’re a great snack for all the family. You can Read more…

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bbc crash diet

The BBC’s “The Big Crash Diet Experiment”

On Wednesday 30th May, the BBC aired The Big Crash Diet Experiment, a programme which followed four volunteers as they undertook a “crash diet” – a structured, 800 kcal Total Dietary Replacement (TDR) diet, such as LighterLife Total, which included counselling. The research was backed by Professor Susan Jebb, an expert in the weight-loss industry, alongside a Read more…

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diet myths

Facts & Diet Myths

Diet myths and facts. If you hear strange things about LighterLife, who ya gonna call? diet Myth busters!  Is it true that if I lose weight quickly I’ll only end up putting it all back on quickly, too? Diet Myth busted There’s no evidence that regaining weight is more common after losing it quickly on Read more…

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Can bariatric surgery help me lose weight?

With the Ireland’s growing obesity crisis, many people are turning to costly weight loss surgery, but how effective is it? Gastric bands, gastric bypasses and gastric balloons – to name the most commonly performed procedures – appear to offer a solution to the problem of obesity by physically restricting the amount you can eat. Morbidly Read more…

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