After yo-yo dieting for years, Karen lost over 3 stone on our TotalFast Plan.

Karen has been struggling with her weight since she was a teenager and has now lost 3 stone 2lbs on our LighterLife TotalFast Plan and has so much more confidence!

My reasons for wanting to lose weight

I have been a yo-yo dieter since I was 14 years old! I’ve always been between a size 12 and busting out of a size 14 but in the last few years I’ve been a stone heavier, and consistently been a size 16. This has really affected my confidence, partly because of the way I looked but mainly because of exercise. I’m a very active person, I love to do trail races in the mountains but at over 13 stone I was very slow and felt embarrassed by my size amongst all the fit and healthy runners. I separated from my children’s father when our youngest child was only a few weeks old. I’ve not had the confidence to date since as I’d want an active partner but felt I wasn’t healthy enough to go looking for someone like that.

I am taking my three children to Turkey for a beach holiday in June. It’s the first time I’ve been abroad since being a single parent and I really didn’t want to ruin it for myself by feeling like a beached whale on a sun lounger!

I decided enough was enough on New Year’s Eve 2021/2022. I do the same fell race with my friend each year, but I was so heavy I didn’t actually think I would be able to complete it that year. I don’t tend to post on social media but decided to pledge my intentions to lose weight to the world in the hope I would finally succeed. Then despite my best efforts I ran the exact same race at exactly the same weight (13 stone 2 lbs) a year later in 2022/2023. I cannot wait to do this race this New Year’s Eve.

Why LighterLife?

I have started a new diet every Monday for almost 30 years! There is nothing I haven’t tried from cabbage soup to fasting and all the conventional diets in between!

I decided I had to do something different and that’s when I found LighterLife through a google search. I think I was addicted to food and thought that taking food out of the equation might help. And it has!!!!! I now feel completely different about food and my weight, than ever before. I’m 100% confident I’ll stay this size. So much so, I’ve given away or sold all my bigger clothes on Vinted. Even all my favourite dresses. It’s both the diet and the CBT Mindfulness sessions that has helped me.

I lost weight so quickly it made my goal feel achievable and I could see my body changing before my eyes. The fact that the rules are so rigid helped me to stick to it as you can’t cheat at all. One glass of measured Prosecco can’t be squeezed into the plan as this then leads to more and a pizza.

I felt hungry the first few days on LighterLife’s TotalFast plan but as soon as ketosis kicked in I felt amazing, and I also lost 11lbs so I didn’t mind.

LighterLife’s Support

After what I’ve learnt in the CBT Mindfulness Group, I now think completely differently about food. It’s not that I didn’t know these things before but somehow, I understand them and myself more now. I’ll keep going to group for a long time. I’ve learnt that my triggers will always be there. It’s about managing my triggers and learning how to cope with my emotions without using food.

I found the TotalFast Support Group on Facebook to be a positive and friendly place. It was so useful to read about other people in the same situation’s experiences.


I feel so much more confident now

Now that I’ve lost the weight, I can’t stop shopping for new clothes! I don’t cover up in anything baggy anymore and I wear a lot of running leggings with short tops. I feel good in almost everything. I went up a mountain this weekend and found it so much easier to climb up hill. I’m feeling so much more confident now. I’ve uploaded some pictures to a dating site and might try internet dating.

My advice to anyone wanting to join LighterLife is DO IT NOW! You will thank yourself.