The BBC’s “The Big Crash Diet Experiment”

bbc crash diet

On Wednesday 30th May, the BBC aired The Big Crash Diet Experiment, a programme which followed four volunteers as they undertook a “crash diet” – a structured, 800 kcal Total Dietary Replacement (TDR) diet, such as LighterLife Total, which included counselling. The research was backed by Professor Susan Jebb, an expert in the weight-loss industry, alongside a team of doctors.

The results of the nine-week trial showed that all four people lost more than 10% of their body weight, highlighting the fact that TDRs are incredibly successful in helping overweight and obese people. It also debunked a range of negative myths associated with very low calorie diets, including:

• Speedy weight regain
• Negative side effects of quick weight loss
• Muscle v fat loss
• Metabolism impacts

At LighterLife Ireland we combine effective plans to help you quickly reach the weight you want, with ground-breaking counselling techniques so you can change how you think about food, develop a much healthier approach to eating (and life in general) and live the life you want.

This unique combination of nutritious TDR Foodpacks and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has helped over 400,000 people in Ireland and the UK to lose weight.

LighterLife’s TDR meals are high in protein, a good source of fibre, and contain essential fats, carbs and at least 28 vitamins and minerals, and we’re continually developing them to make sure that with LighterLife you’re getting the best quality food replacements on the market.

We work with a range of experts, including Dr Kelly Johnston, our head of nutrition and research who contributed to the online materials supporting the programme, Dr Matt Capehorn, our medical director who is also a GP specialising in obesity management, as well as our founders, Bar Hewlett and Jackie Cox, who have been committed to evidence-based solutions to obesity for 30 years.

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